Keeping Up with Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends
Well quite a trickier question, celebrities of their time decide fashion the usual answer we get.If we take a glimpse of all the popular magazines then we will get to see that half of the magazines are about fashion.But the thing is, you would not like being tagged as Uncle or Aunty depends on your gender, for your fashion sense if you will not follow the trends.In this way we can keep up with the latest fashion trends without much difficulty.We should always wear what suit us and in trend, It would be disastrous to walk out dressed in well bottom these days.At times, politicians also inspire fashion for instance; Jacqueline Kennedy the ex-US first lady inspired the fashion sense of women around the globe at her time.We get to hear about different trends in fashion, fashion tips and even fashion faux.So the deal is, love it or hate it but you can not ignore it, so it is better to love it as far as fashion is concerned.We should follow it while taking care of our own tastes and persona.

The bottom line is we should be updated about what is in and whats out?

One question that pops in mind whenever we talk about fashion is that who decides what is fashion?Now, we all get confused that what should be the ideal fashion for us?In Indian scenario, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are major fashion icons and Michelle Obama the US first lady is a global fashion icon.The celebrities of different fields like film industry, sport icons etc.But should not blindly follow it, nor ignore it.Sometimes we say, who cares that Jennifer Anniston appeared in purple gown at red carpet that made her look like a over grown bat, or Tom cruise wore a tuxedo in mission impossible.We should not follow the trends blindly either.If you want to look cool you have to choose carefully whether your apparels or accessories.
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